Friday, October 9, 2015

In the name of God, in the name of Syria

It’s now Syria has become the real battle ground of western interests and a proxy war. Russia’s direct entry to Syria at a time President Bashar Al Assad was losing his ground in the four-year old war, gives a new dimension to the role of each stakeholder in the ongoing war. 

By donning Al Assad’s savior role, Russia has put the country in more damage forcing America and its allies take a firm stand based on ground realities. 

Now each country who is taking sides with or opposing Al Assad says they are fighting against Daesh. If so, why don’t they make an alliance and free Syria from the clutches of Daesh and dash its hopes of establishing an Islamic Caliphate in the region?

Interestingly, the western powers including Russia, neither want Daesh to go nor unseat Al Assad from power. They want the region to be in turmoil so that they can wage a proxy war at the expense of Arabs to take the world back to pre-Soviet Union era when there were only two super powers.

It is true that the western intervention in the Middle East affairs has worsened the situation paving the way for Daesh to flourish in a region steeped in Shiite-Sunni divide since Iraq war. After eliminating brutal Iraqi leader Saddam Hussain, under whom Iraqis were having a secular way of life except for Sunni hunt down, US took a back stage. The US President Barack Obama met his election promise of pulling back US forces, which put Iraq back in security problems. Now, Iraq is also under Daesh control.

The same fate awaits Syria, if Russia takes a similar stand and leave Syrians to their fate,as they did in Afghanistan where they generated Al Qaeda. Likewise Daesh will widen their strongholds in the Middle East for quite some time until a new group emerges from nowhere.

It is a shame on all these developing nations to preach democracy on one side and steep into undemocratic ways of invading another part of the world, which they think lack in modern ways of living and thinking, on the other side.

The ongoing war in Syria has two dimensions — a war being fought by the Daesh in the name of God, and a cold war between the United States of America and Russia in the name ofSyria

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