Saturday, November 14, 2015

Stop calling them as Islamists

Yet another Daesh strike has put the world under big shock. The most dangerous terror group in the world claimed the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, which could be seen as their reply to the killing of Jihadi John.

Since the 9/11 terrorist attack, terrorism has been associated with Islam and Muslims were seen as the root cause of all evils in the world. But isn't the very idea of linking terrorism with religion is sheer nonsense? No follower or believer of religion believes in bloodbath. May be Islam has a history soaked in bloody wars. That doesn't mean Islam is a bloody religion or its followers are blood thirsty. Followers of any religion, Christianity or Hinduism, can become war mongers. Religion has nothing to do with criminal acts.

Though such attitudes of Islamophobia can't be justified, it is true, the perpetrators of each terrorist attack claimed to be Muslims or the blind followers of the religion. Even they want a country of their own to establish their form of government based on Islam. Which means, they have evolved a new kind of Islam, to put the world in perennial fear. So who wants such a religion or who wants followers of  Islam to choose the path of violence?

But how did they become so powerful? Who is funding them? Who is providing them with warfare? Is there any logic in calling terrorists misusing a religion as Islamists? If tomorrow terrorists arise  come from Christianity or Hinduism or any other religious faith, how do we address them - Christianists and Hinduists!

Terrorism has no religion. It is a challenge upon the existence of harmony and peace in the world. A threat to the entire humanity. Put the Huntington theory in the back burner and unite to wipe the Daesh out forever.

The hesitance of global powers to address terrorism as terrorism means they knew how terror groups based on Islam is rising up in different parts of the world.

So shun these terrorists as terrorists and stop seeing them as Islamic terrorists and Islamists.

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  1. Dear Nazeem

    Every believer is biased towards his/her own religion. We often tend to look at good things in our own and faults of others.

    I understand Muslims believe Quran to be the words of God. I read Quran to check for myself if there is any link between terrorist activities and the Islamic scriptures.

    What terrorists are doing in the name of Islam isn't a new phenomenon. It has been done over and over and over. Be it Aurangazeb, Bin Qasim, Khilji,Babar; though not all , a lot many Muslims rulers killed/enslaved/captured/converted others for the sake of religion. For example, Most of the Malabar coast Muslims are result of Tippu's invasion and converting the locals.

    The question to ask is, How does a single religion produce so many radicals? There are 1000s of Islamic terrorist groups. This is not unrelated to Islam. History of Islam is drenched in blood as you have said.

    There are violent verses in Quran, but the most problematic thing for me is the importance on belief & too much reverence to the Book & Mohammad. It was a book intended for 7th century Arabia, it has not evolved out of it, there I find the problem.

    Mohammad was a reformer, but he was a man of his times. He ordered killing of 600 Jews of Banu Quraiza when they had no means or strength to fight him. He married a 6 year old girl, he thighed a 6 y/o girl who knew nothing of sex. Had sex with Safiyah on the same night he killed her parents, brother & husband. Abolished adoption to marry his adopted son's wife (Zaynab). The list goes on.

    Quran was good for its times, but it has its limitations. women have equal rights in present time, but Quran can not be edited to be relevant and that is the problem. Sex slavery is permitted, killing of disbelievers too