Friday, August 5, 2016

How easily social media jump into conclusions. #EK521

Even a single person can mislead the entire world. What made me say this is the leaked video of Emirates EK521 which was involved in a fire accident on August 3 afternoon.

Somebody from inside the aircraft (nobody knows whether it was shot by a passenger or a crew member or even a rescue operator) caught the 'possible final moments' of a group of people grabbing their personal belongings before leaving the aircraft.

They were conversing in their mother tongue Malayalam and they uttered only two English words - Laptop and notebook. Being a Malayali, I can understand every word they spoke during those horrible moments. A man and woman were heard consoling others, "Be calm, nothing happened." Later the same people were saying leave everything and run for safe. It was then crew members were heard asking them leave the belongings and to jump from the aircraft.

It was total commotion and the crew members did their job. What else they would say other than jump! Before knowing what had gone through the minds of those passengers involved in the accident and analysing the real situation and what they exactly said some people have spread a word of hate speech attacking the entire "Asian community" seeing it as typical of Asians.

The incident once again proves skin colour matters. Without understanding the underlying element of racial attack, even the Malayalee commnity, now I must call them mallus, joined all those arrogant dumb-wits in finding fault with those who had seen death in close contacts, though they failed to understand the seriousness of the tragedy. In a situation like that, people react differently. I also know majority of expat Malayalees do not know the etiquette expected from them in a flight. Majority don't even know how to use the toilet or how to remain calm until the aircraft comes to a halt. I have also seen how impatient and rude are the crew with such people. However, the yardstick to judge the people reaction in such situation should be entirely different. Evaluation should be done on a psychological level not on materialistic perception.

Jassim, the firefighter
This time, my heart goes out to the family of the firefighter who lost his life in the evacuation process. Nobody knows how that brave young man Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan, an UAE national, died. Yet, social media could establish that he died while saving those "irresponsible, selfish" passengers.

And the same social media, failed to praise the pilot who managed to land the aircraft in the airport and divert a major tragedy. If it was a mid-air tragedy, the damage would be unimaginable.

What about people who tried to sell "exclusive footages and pictures" of crash-landing? If social media is so responsible, they must attack them and not the passengers, according to some, they are just "workers."

Take a minute to ponder over matters like this come before you on social media. Next time it could be you who have to face a similar situation. It is easy to criticise from your closed ceilings, come down to see the real agony of others.

 But why should others be worried over the safety of the passengers, when they are not? Leave it to them, folks, Let those involved in such tragedies determine whether they should face the death or not.

Last year it was the British passengers faced the same fury of people. The world has become too small to be managed by a bunch of social media idiots. 

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