Saturday, March 11, 2017

Modi connects with masses; BJP sweeps polls

People look for a leader who could connect with them. Narendra Modi just did that magic.

He won the confidence of ordinary people in UP proving his words mean action. It's this hope that has been reflected in the mandate people gave to Bharatiya Janata party in the five-state elections.

But what did the Indian Prime Minister do for the aam admi or common man? How did he emerge unhurt from the biggest criticism of demonetisation?

In terms of media, the prime minister made them wait in long queues for their own money, and put a limit on their daily expenses. In terms of sending a message your money should be safe with the banking system of the country.

Though elections were held in five states, Uttar Pradesh,being the Hindi heartland, stands out from the rest. Analysing the reasons for the two third majority the party got in the states, where illiterates and the poor are a majority, the cadre party workers led by Modi's closest aide Amit Shah demand a huge applause. They managed to put a purdah on the common perception of BJP as a party who divide people on communal lines. Instead, Hindu unity, development policies and anti-corruption promises became the mantra.

Another important factor is father-son feud between Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav.

A patriarchal society, like that in the UP, won't tolerate a son who ditched his father for power. I think BJP has used this family feud to their advantage. Listen to the voters, majority say we voted for Modi and not BJP. Moreover, the voters said they prefer matured elderly leaders to immature young leadership. Definitely, Modi has a bigger charisma than Akhilesh or even Rahul Gandhi, his partner in elections.

As I believe, you can convince the intelligent and illiterate but not the semi-literate. This election is a big proof that Modi-led BJP managed to convince the majority that demonetisation is not a big issue. And people voted the anti-BJP forces out of power. 

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