Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sarkozy-Strip not like Dushasana

Very soon anybody who wears full face covering veils in France will be fined. The target is Islamic face veil called burqa. For women who are wearing the veil for a long time, it will be embarrassing to take it off from their dress code. Just imagine, you are a person who is used to wearing sari or any other full body-covering dress. One day your employer wanted to make micro minis or shots as dress, what will be your personal reaction???
No doubt, you may either quit the job or protest against it. Personally, I am against all those things that exhibit your religiosity in dress and ways. It is one's personal choice, but at the same it should not be in any other way an obstacle to others. The French government, now with this ban is aiming at targeting militants who may hide in burqa and indulge in terrorist activities. So in a way the government is trying to say all those militant activities are done by those who believe in burqa.
But is it the right way for a nation to protect its citizens? Then what is the difference between the French government and other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran who impose strict religious dress code for all women. A irreligious woman might have find it embarrassing to put on a sheila on your head given by a male official in an Iranian airport or when compelled to wear purdah in Saudi Arabia. We see non-Muslim news presenters on CNN and BBC covering their heads with veil and reporting from there. But its hard to see any non-Muslim male reporter wearing kanthoora and reporting from these Islamic countries.

So dress code is meant only for women, be she, an European or a Middle Eastern or an African. The religious heads stipulate and they are supposed to obey. Cover or uncover, she is made for that. Burqa-clad women are at least pleasing to eyes compared to women clad in minimum clothes accompanying men in three piece suits. So in one part of the world she is asked to hide her modesty, but in another part, she is supposed to expose her beautiful possessions. Women who find pleasure in parading their beauty, either in purdah or in gowns, forget that they are just show pieces.

With the ban on burqa, now the French government is trying to "bring the Muslims into the mainstream society" by imposing strict laws. This defense mechanism is nothing but, intrusion into privacy of a woman. It's not different from Dushasana who stripped Draupadi before a full audience in the Kurukshethra.

And the Islamic countries, they keep women covered to protect their women from other people's gaze. So what are they trying to gain? Its nothing but suppressing women like a commodity which anybody may find it irresisitible to find pleasure by possessing her. Caught between two extremities, when will women get an emancipation from the centuries-old humiliation????

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