Monday, January 16, 2012

Suicide-revenge in a haste

To the police and media it is just a suicide case. For me it will be sleepless nights, at least for a couple of days.

Yet another family suicide happened in Dubai while wife of the man who had initiated the suicide is undergoing treatment in a hospital only to be grilled later by the police.

In the coming days, if she co-operates with the authorities and come back to senses, the reason behind this family suicide-murder will come out.

I don’t know how the media in Kerala has reported this unfortunate incident. Rijesh and his wife Sreesha, both in their late 30′s, killed their six-year old daughter before their suicide bid. Rijesh hanged to death. But Sreesha’s attempt to kill self by slashing wrist veins failed.

If the authorities take the case on humanitarian grounds, Sreesha will be spared from punishment. But the chances are slim as suicide is an offense according to the law in the UAE.

If to believe unofficial reports from sources, Rijesh had found some financial fraud in his previous company, which has resulted in losing his own job. But the problem did not end even after he shifted to another company.

The suicide story tells of the other side of the work culture prevailing in many companies run by Malayalees. Earlier, job seekers from Kerala were fond of working in Malayalee companies. But these days many prefer to work in companies run by other nationalities.

Humiliation is the worst complaint made against Malayalee companies. Many lures youngsters, that too freshers, with big promises ranging from 5-digit salaries in rupees, accomodation and other perks. But it was after reaching here they realise this 5-digit is nothing compared to the life style and expenses one has to bear in the UE to have a decent life.

Exploitation is multi-faceted- over-load of work, non-co0perating senior colleagues who shows no shame to take credit of his junior’s brain work, demoralising comments, sidelining, threatening to fire from job even before employment visa is processed. And some take “action”against employees when they go for emergency leave.

These inhumane employers know the country is investor-friendly and so they will have a final say on employees despite all the rights provide in terms of law. I know a girl who was threatened by the employer when she wished to stay back with her ailing mother. The pressure tactics damaged her health entirely and when she went for treatment, the boss who did not even allow her to attend even the funeral rituals of her mother, fired her from job. Luckily, with the help of doctors and caring family members, she has come back to normal life from the verge of a total collapse of life.

In the case of Rijesh, it seems the family had kept their worries to themselves. He could not be blamed for this as sincere friendships and bonds are a rarity here even in close-relationships. No dearth for sympathisers, but to get someone who really helps you in distress situations is a miracle.

Had Rijesh got family support, he would have taken a decision to end everything in death. He foolishly decided to take the extreme step as a shock treatment to their employees. It is a kind of revenge taken in a haste.

But, the effect is the reverse. A suicide shatters the immediate relatives, parents and siblings, not your friend-turned-enemy or humiliating bosses or anyone who gave you the bitter experience in your life. They might get a sigh of relief to see an eternal absence of a trouble maker.

I wish, let Rijesh’s suicide be a lesson to all Malayalee bosses who unnecessarily humiliates their employees.

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