Sunday, September 16, 2012

Persecution of beliefs

No doubt miscreants are out there to divide humanity on religious lines. The latest of this attempt is the release of Innocence of Muslims video which is indirectly meant to provoke Muslims on Sept.11 anniversary. Once again, cliched questions arise-why Muslims are easily being provoked and why they are targeted? Is Islam a taboo subject? Is Prophet Mohammed beyond discussion?

A true believer is supposed to have faith in him/herself and the religion he or she believes in.

The violence unleashed across many parts of the Muslim world is quite contrary to this. If someone tries to tarnish the image of prophet Mohammed and his religion, will it vanish into thin air? So long as people believe in Mohammed and Islam,so long as the universe exists, both will withstand test of time and space.

Not just Mohammed,if someone does the same with Christ or Krishna or Buddha or whoever belongs to that category of men and women, the believers should stop for a while and use their reason to realise the real motive behind such disgracing acts.IS resorting to violence is not the right way to resist such diabolic plots? Does any religion teach violence?

Years back, Indian artist MF Hussain drew flak over his paintings on Mother India and Goddess Saraswathi. It is his right to freedom of expression. But it is also an attempt to gain cheap popularity. Each human being has a role to make this world more peaceful and a better place to live in.Bringing constructive changes in a society will definitely help the posterity.

Dragging it to a region already on the boil over regime change uprisings.I don't want to call it Arab Spring or Mideast revolutions as it is a well-choreographed battle to oust existing regimes in the pretext of democracy. The economically challenged West and European nations are cashing in on these uprisings with arms sale knowing very well that the Mideast nations are sitting on heap of sovereign wealth. To elicit it it out from their godowns, they need war and chaos.

Now the Mideast rulers see Iranian president as their biggest foe and a threat to the entire region. But who is this Ahmedinejad that now the UN Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi wants to include in Syria peace talks? Why Israel is not being stopped from issuing threats to Iran? Why a sudden burst of public anger erupted against Palestine National Authority and its Prime Minister Salam Fayyad? Who is the real agent of West-Ahmadinejad or Israel or both? How many times the IAEA and the West have mocked us by "imposing sanctions" on Iran? Why they are not taking the same steps against Israel which has jammed the Palestinians, especially the Gaza population for years.

And where is time for war-crying youth in the region to think that they are drinking blood of their own ilk. Blinded by anger and frustration of lack of opportunities and unbalanced share of power and money, they have become a pawn at the hands of more powerful leaders, locals as well as outsiders.

Well, take up arms against each other, but why targeting innocent people. What is the purpose of takinga way their lives? If you want to fight against autocrats, target them like those Al Shabab militants targeting their president directly. Of course,innocent blood have lost in Somalia. But this time, they are directly attacking the ruler.

With the Syria episode showing no signs of resolution,the anti-Islam film can be seen as a deliberate attempt to divide the entire region further and bring in more chaos. Moreover, it is just a heightened version of cold-war between the US and Russia and China, which are resisting the one-sided super power. With US and its allies on one side and Russia and China, sticking to their guns, the newly-appointed peace envoy LBrahimi is indeed having a 'very very difficult' task as the Algerian diplomat said before taking charge of his new role in Syria.

It is true that the film trailer released on Youtube has all the nerve racking elements of intolerance finely draped in grudge and satire. Above all it is sheer mockery on Islam and its teachings.

But if going deep into the subject, it is also a mockery on Christianity too as both religions share same characters on their religious scriptures. Moreover, Christians do consider Islam is an offshoot 0f their own religion! But they dont believe in Mohammed as they believe Jesus. Then why this hue and cry over Mohammed and Quran! Why should someone try to give a face to Mohammed and draw caricatures? If it is the way to show one's right to freedom and expression,let them do it privately.What is the need for public nuisance and endangering the society? let them evaluate it in their circles and laugh over it.

Whatever, it is not a great time for US. Anti-US sentiments are growing all over the Muslim world. Interestingly, in the Mideast it is castigated by the same people who they have freed the chains of autocracy and gave a fresh leash of life. That is why When Christopher Stevens was choked to death in mob attack, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lamented like a layman-"How could this happen in a country we help liberate in a city we helped save from destruction."

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