Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beat corruption electronically

If politics is a lucrative business, corruption is its net profit!

Never before Indian politicians were seen neck in deep with nepotism and corruption. The money, the muscle power, they amass in short span of time is humiliating to smugglers and looters and they started joining the bandwagon of MLAs and MPs. Sorry for not substantiating with the exact figure of criminals in our parliamentary democratic system.

The latest of the series of shocking graft allegation is BJP chief Nitin Gadkari,which was exposed at a crucial time with Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat going to polls and he due to be reinstated as party president for second term.

A big blow to the party who tried to batter Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and her son-in-law Robert Vadra. This is what we common people believe in-poetic justice. Give a blow to your opponent, and receive it back with big bang!

As Congress party and BJP are fighting each other to get into top slot of corruption and nepotism, where is a way out for the aam aadmi? With no sign of Leftists in the scene to challenge them, the country is left with just one option-Boycott all or choose among the best.

In the midst of this brouhaha came Mr Anna and his team with a ray of hope. Now they too parted ways and his aide Kejriwal has taken the centre-stage of anti-corruption movement, who too dragged into controversy over foreign funding for his India Agianst Corruption group.

All these are background story of we the hapless Indians.Like any other India-loving citizen, I too thought about a way to contain this graft-epidemic. Isnt e-governance the best remedy to meet this contingency?

Why can't we digitalise the entire bureaucratic set-up to end red-tapism? Think about the entire nation networked and all government machinery coming under the scrutiny of public eye-The budget involved in this will be huge. If we are able to think about Adhaar, why can't we try about a total e-governance system?

Or at least, make a fax machine mandatory for all government institutions-from panchayat offices to corporation offices. Let us begin from the roots..nurture the grassroots with right manure and avoid giving space for weeds to corrupt and malign the environment?

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