Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mob cry for death to bring a sea change

When angry mob are taking to the streets demanding death and stringent safety measures for women, let us not forget Indians are far ahead in their sexual fantasies compared to other countries. it is not the cleavage, it is not the breasts, it is not the curves that make those men irresistible to take extreme steps for their carnal pleasures.

The rapists are fearless before the law, and shameless to face society.

Even before the modern world was evolved, Indians knew the techniques and methods of sexual pleasure. Who can surpass our Vatsayana in tips of sexual joy? Now with smart phone industry coming up with Kamasutra app showing 3D sex positions, people are going to getting a chance to have sex on the go. Of course Blackberries and Smartphones are not going to be purchased by the poor, but the need to satiate those with full of money in their hands need these poor to stream fresh, innocent girls to the flesh market.

A person, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed about a media magnate who used to lure village girls to his business empire for he found they will easily fall prey to city's charms. Look at the film industry, there also, it is the small town girls or girls from poor background make fame and money than others. When we blame globalisation for the thriving flesh trade, it is an escapist route of passing the buck to other flimsy reasons.

We the Indians, who boast of deep-rooted culture and heritage and treating its women as devis and maas, are inflicting all sorts of violence on her. WHY? Let us also not forget there was a time when women used to move freely even at nights. So is that culture shaken, the edifice of our tradition broken now with the advent of modernisation?

When you look at the Delhi rape accused projected in the news, most of them are poorly-educated and from poor backgrounds. What makes their minds so polluted and criminalise their activity? Why they are seeing in every female, a body to quench their carnal pleasures? Is it suppressed feelings of their sexual fantasies or deteriorating status of women?

Do women also have to be blamed? What about our record reach of cell phone and TV sets? More than half of India lack basic amenities like fresh drinking water and sanitation, where as we have TV sets to have fun and cell phones to flirt. The other basic need of man is sex, which is being intelligently exploited by the item dance makers to draw viewers en masse to movie halls.
Let us not forget, a common man's biggest and cheapest entertainment in India is still, the movies. As told by a Pakistani colleague, in their country it is food. We spend more on movies and they spend more on food for leisure.

When we put the blame on lack of strong laws and prompt legal actions, we must not forget the impact of visual media which is full of explicit sex scenes and images, where women are shown often as objects of pleasures. 

Our top leaders sitting in their glass houses are airing views on repeated rape horror in the country. After Dec. 16, 2012, it is the April 15 sexual barbarism is hogging the headlines and sparking angry reactions against the ill-treatment of women in the country. But who can console the really shocked victims of rape and her families when too many perverts are out on the streets looking for next prey? 
While the Indian prime minister and president are expressing shock and sympathy in the latest barbaric rape of a five-year-old girl from their glass houses and special armed forces are deployed to ensure their safety. It seems ridiculous all efforts were going to prevent mob fury than taking action against the 22-year-old culprit and his accomplice who brutally crushed the innocence of a baby girl.

When the two young men tried their sexual upon her, what was the image they were having about that girl. It is horrifying even to imagine they looked upon her as a grown up woman to have pleasure on a female body. So it is not the cleavage,it is not the breasts, it is not the curves that make these men irresistible to take extreme steps for their carnal pleasures.They are fearless before the law, and shameless to face society.

So the Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar's unwillingness to quit the post is unacceptable and his simple reason for dismissing the latest rape incident as perversion is a slap on the face of all women.

But rape is not the malady of just the poor coming to big cities. It is there in the interiors of many villages where khap panchayats are having upper hand over the elected lawmakers and main stream politicians. It is happening even inside own families- fathers raping daughters, mothers selling daughters, uncles, neighbours ..None want to miss a chance to know the female body and the prosperity it brings. Greed for money, greed for limitless sex. But why are they falling upon innocent little ones.Spare them and go to women who can co-operate with them or to brothels! 

In spite of all these disturbing scenes, the number of outraged men in the streets give a ray of hope; they too feel the shame of treating women as objects. The need of the hour is a strong action from the government than going rhetoric of lamentation and condemnation. Kill one, and see the difference it is going to bring in the society.

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