Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mix well

Mixing of human race happens only through sex, not through migration. Migration simply kills a sense of unity among people. Living in a place where you find people (expat community)  from across the world, majority seems to be indifferent to someone who doesn't belong to their nationality or religion or race. It is hilarious as well as disturbing to see people in public transportations like buses and metro trains offering seats to people belonging to own nationalities ignoring someone who are standing near to them. The only exceptions is the men from the Middle Eastern countries who even bid you good bye. Inter-racial, inter-religious marriages could help change the situation by raising up children beyond geographical and racial lines. 


  1. Hi Nazeem,
    Good to be here,
    Sweet and Spicy Piece
    Mixing up is good but, one must be more cautious too!!!
    In some cases the result will be very negative or dangerous too LOL
    Good thoughts,
    Keep writing.
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  2. Hi Nazeem,
    Its too long since we have had a pleasure of talking. I lost your phone number. However, the "Mix Well" notion leaves to be much appreciated. But still there exists certain scrapes that need to be resolved. It is wise to assume that an interfaith couple will most likely tolerate more hurdles throughout the period of their relationship than a couple that marries within their faith. If these hurdles are defeated, the benefits to an interfaith marriage far make up for the disadvantages. However, it’s not that simple. If the hurdles are not managed correctly, the marriage can bump into some very undesirable circumstances.
    Best regards,
    Mohammed Ibrahim (Abu Murshid) 052-905 1305

    1. Thanks Abu Murshid. Its a pleasure to read your comment again, after a long time.

  3. Hello Philip, Thanks for the suggestion.