Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big copycats

Are women better imitators than children? I don't have any scientific theories or studies to prove that. But watching women closely and their inquisitiveness to know what other women are doing - from shopping to cooking- it is not difficult to see majority wish to imitate others knowingly, unknowingly.

Public transports are the ideal place for hilarious imitations. On a frenzied Thursday night in Dubai, the Metro Train was so packed and a shameless couple started displaying their amorous dalliances. To my surprise, other women with their partners too started cajoling and cuddling, irrespective of their nationality and unmindful of other travellers. As it is Metro Train and the distances between the stations are less, others were spared!

Imitation in terms of apparels, make ups or hair do are somewhat understandable, but some are shameless even to  to buy even electronic items from where the other woman has bought it from.
As if to certain my doubt, a senior colleague advised me not to disclose the name of the shop when she complimented by bag . She advised me not to encourage a woman who shows undue interest to know from you brought your dress or bags. According to her, tell them and the next day, the entire office will come up with that!

When a child imitates elders and peers to learn things from elders, the women copy cat their peers to get in par with them, out of sheer jealousy and desire.A childlike imitation is enjoyable, while grown up copycats are disgusting.

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