Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rape or organised crime?

Is there any link between the horrifying rapes and election results in UP where the pro-Dalit party BSP faced a humiliating defeat at the hands of BJP? Or such incidents were happening even before the elections? If so, why the rape incidents were highlighted soon after the election results?

According to media reports, four Dalit girls were raped in different parts of the state. Why Dalit girls were targeted? Who is going to benefit from it? Who wants to prove Dalits are still being targeted in the casteist state?

Similar to this, a chain of gangrape cases were reported acoss the country soon after the gruesome Delhi gangrape of a physiotherapy student on December 16, 2012. Not to forget, it was then the One Million Signature anti-rape campaign was in full swing.

Are rapes and violence against women are organised crime to create a fear psychosis and thwart the attempts of women progressing and making their voice heard in a patriarchal society? I don't have any evidences to prove or substantiate these doubts. But it is not difficult to understand women across the globe is going through a difficult phase. Everywhere from workplaces to public places they are being treated as mere sexual objects, and men will be happy to see them as mere cheerleaders, nothing more, irrespective of their skills or positions they hold. All point to one harsh reality: Equality of sexes will remain as a mirage as long as women rise up from their lethargy and join hands to prove themselves. 

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