Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Brutal than rape

India's Daughter, documentary by Leslie Udwin, is more brutal than rape. I am gathering the strength to watch the documentary completely. Difficult to watch the pain of Jyoti's parents, and listen to the lawyers' statements in the documentary than watching a remorseless Mukesh Singh, who wants to prove he did not rape the 22-year-old student.

The defense lawyers have become puppets in the hands of Udwin to tell the world Indian girls are not allowed to go out in the evening. She is smart enough to put words in the mouth of all those who cooperated with her in the making of documentary.

No doubt Tihar authorities are taking care of the accused! None bear the look of a criminal or undergoing any punishment for a serious crime.  Nobody is naming the juvenile accused in the film. Strange that even villagers are avoiding his name and saying 'juvenile' .

Though the attempt of Udwin demands appreciation, it is sending a wrong message to the common man by emphasising on the definition of 'good girl' by the lawyers and the accused. Jyothi Singh's parents, and her tutor are giving true accounts of existing situation in the country.

It's good Narendra Modi government blocked the film in India. At least they could prove we have a strong government which can act. A symbolic block from millions of ordinary people who do not have access to Internet.

Now it's time for the government to act. These accused deserve nothing but DEATH. 

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