Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Author or the book - What's your choice?

Gone are the days of getting readers after publishing your book.
In an era of social media, I think, it is just the opposite, if someone has a huge fanfare. 
So it's better not to approach a publisher if you opt for self publishing.Publishers are required only if you want to reach out to a larger public or a global readership. With e-books that too is possible.
Most of the top global publishing agencies suggest a writer to have a literary agent. They can definitely help one to get published if you are ready to spend money on your effort. 
But where are those days when books used to get published based upon its merit. Only in such situation readers will follow a book. 

The tend now is readers follow the author first and then buy books. Are they reading the books? Or are they just possessing the book to join the world of book lovers.
The hype over JK Rowling's Harry Potter series and the latest on Harper Lee are really encouraging writers. But the trend also shows it is author who is acknowledged than the writing. Whatever, the art of writing will never die.

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