Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where are the social activists?

No social activist is at hind sight when politicians cutting across ideological lines are very much active in the Mullaperiyar Dam controversy. Where are those Silent Valley protesters or other green groups? Why they remain mute at a time when time demands their involvement? Or are they not active like renowned writer MT Vasudevan Nair has pointed out. In an interview he said, social activism in Kerala is not upto mark.

To a question, I enquired about social evils coming back and gripping Malayalees, he said, it shows the degradation of social activism.If a new generation does not understand the importance of rivers, it is because of their lack of awareness and lack of love for their mother tongue. And if sexual abuse against women are increasing in a state known for female literacy, it is because the real culprits are not brought out to justice. He chided noted writer Sara Joseph, and activist K.Ajitha avoiding the ‘middle women’ in sex rackets. He challenged them to bring them out.

Coming back to Mullaperiyaar, we see politicians taking a centre-stage in the issue. It is true Mullaperiyaar controversy is more of political nature than social issue. As it involves lives of millions of people around the dam site, it is a social issue too. Then how could the social activists act mute? They should take part in the movement to stengthen the hands of politicians and make them focused on the issue. Now reports say water level has receded. If Tamil Nadu take it as an excuse and delay the attempts to resolve the dispute, we have to wait for next monsoon to make hue and cry over the issue.

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