Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dirty Selling

‘Bare all’ is considered as a daring attempt in show business. Of course it is a daring act. To shed ones clothes before a whole lot of people or sometimes a few, indeed needs immense courage. If to believe those who has done it, it is just a technical performance.

How many times have we heard actresses describing how their co-stars and directors made them comfortable in performing intimate scenes? But is it necessary to make a movie with very intimate scenes just to give the impression of real life?

The latest among such movies is The Dirty Picture, which is based on life of South Indian actor Silk Smitha, who is equally gifted with talent and beauty, but often degraded as a mere sex bomb by the film industry itself. Please, don’t pass the blame on her fans or movie lovers. Responsibility of viewers in giving her such an image is negligible compared to film industry who made box-office hits out of her lewd and lascivious acts and song sequences.

Everyone knows Smitha did such roles out of her need to make money in the beginning of her career as any other artiste in those days. May be in later years, she might have done such roles for pleasure and out of pressure from her ‘mentors’ in the field. Whatever, there is a double standard in the society in treating women making money out of raunchy performance and women opting prostitution as livelihood. The only difference is between a reel and real.

From time immemorial, woman and her sensuousness are the biggest and cheapest tool to cash in big revenues in the art world, be it a painting, literature or movies. Is women so cheap to be looked upon as a mere sexual object? And now in the Dirty Picture, the dirt, Smitha had vainly tried to put an end to by giving up her life, has come back in rich colours entertaining the people once again. Who is revived here, Smitha or her bold acts? These people wont let her escape from sex siren image even after death.

Now, Vidya Balan and Ekta Kapoor are labelled as bold women in the Bollywood. The trend among Westerners of linking modernity of women to mimimal attire has spread everywhere in the world. The smarty Indian filmmakers arouse carnal pleasures and make money out of it. It is more of a crime against womanhood than a justification in terms of artistic freedom. I didnt see Dirty Picture, but the promos say it is nothing, but a movie taken on porn way. A dirty attempt to give graciousness to dirty theme.

It is sad many actresses are coming forward to exhibit their oomph factor and arouse carnal pleasures of men, there by putting in danger, lives of ordinary women living in mundane women.

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