Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monster job scam, beware friends

One fine morning, my sister got a surprising email offering an excellent job package from Parenco based in the UK.To check its authenticity, I contacted my friend Susheelan Damodaran and he gave me a clear picture of what is happening behind such enticing offers. Beware friends, when you get email placement offering jobs. Look before you leap. Hope Susheelan's reply will help all job seekers and those wish to migrate to European countries.

"I think this is the 6th or 7th similar enquiry that I am getting from people in middle-east and India. Without making any enquiries about it I can tell you that this is a scam and a boobie-trap. Please ask your sister not to fall for it. If they are offering an extortionate salary which is surprising your sister, then it is a lie. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it never is true!

I know they haven't asked you for any money yet, but if you make contact with the 'London Solicitor' he/she will tell you that to process the application you will need to make a payment. If you make a payment they will come back and say a further fee is required and they will continue the process until it dawns to you one day that you are being fooled.

The telephone numbers provided for the solicitor and Parenco are all mobile phone numbers. You can check Parenco's website for their real telephone numbers. Besides, note that the phone number of the solicitor and Parenco is only different by 1 digit!! These are all tell-tale signs.

There is no government agency in london called LACS and even if there is such a government agency they will never interfere in the recruitment process of a private firm. There is a non departmental government agency called ACAS who gets involved in case there is a dispute between an employee ad employer. These scam are often run by Nigerian gangs.

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